The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music (by NPR Music)

because this is brilliant.

I saw sunsets painted by God and the clouds streak like bristles on a canvas of blue infinity. And we were living and breathing and our heartbeats were equal and even. Touched at the moment that big golden star hid his face behind the mountains, and the moon shone, lighting up the ocean of diamonds scattered across the pacific. I turned to look at you and you’d become an angel. heaven was looking back at me in that second hand tank top and washed out khaki shorts. And your coarse wavy hair rivaled the recitals of your youth. I saw the window to your soul and shamelessly peeked inside. I saw a purity I thought I’d never see. A naivety unseen in a child. A learned naivety. And we moved like satellites among the stars. A cosmic tango for the countless. 


Hello darkness, my old friend


"I know you’re hearing, but you’re not listening.”

cover of beach baby. mess ups and all.